Acknowledgements disappearing after incident marked resolved

If I hit ‘’ while an incident is still unresolved it will show data about the acknowledgement (who, when, etc.), but once the incident is marked resolved that field only shows ‘[]’. Is that the intended behavior, and if so is there a way to include the acknowledgement data without requesting log_entries?

Hi @NCjwhite,

That is the intended behaviour. Once an Incident has been resolved, it is not assigned to anyone. Essentially, a resolved incident is not the responsibility of a responder as no further action is required. You would recall that once an incident has been resolved, it can’t be reopened.


Hi @chiedu,

You’re absolutely right! We’re not looking for the last assigned owner of a resolved case, but how long it look someone to respond to an incident. It’s such a common metric for companies, that I’m sure there’s an easy and intuitive way to grab it. I just haven’t found it yet. Can you help me with where to find it?

Hey there!

Our Advanced Reporting including System Reports would be the best source to find this data though it’s not available in the REST API.

I think the GET /incidents/{id}/log_entries to obtain the timestamps of the oldest trigger_log_entry to the first acknowledge_log_entry would be the closest equivalence in the REST API if the incident is resolved.

Thanks, @geeth! That was enough for me to piecemeal what we needed.